Chief Keef Almost Became Apple Music’s First Signee

Chief Keef’s career has taken its fair share of twists and turns since his meteoric rise out of Chicago in 2011. But in 2017, the 21-year-old rapper seems to be making some changes: he released a new mixtape, his first official project since 2015, at the beginning of the year and has promised more music to come.

Still, his influence being so evident on the genre, yet Keef has granted a very limited amount of people access to his life and artistic process, especially after being dropped from Interscope Records in 2014. Lucky for us, Keef has broken his silence and in a new interview with XXL, he spoke about getting offered to be Apple Music’s first signee:

“They were talking about taking me to Apple. This was before they did anybody with Apple Music. You know what Larry called me and said? He said, ‘You’re gonna be the first artist on Apple Music,’ and I turned it down. Because, you know… I don’ know. I just didn’t do it. But I would have been the first artist on Apple Music.”

Wild. But this is typically the case with Sosa. Either way, he always lands on his feet, and has proven to be one of the most influential artists of this new generation. This is factual.


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